E-Book (manual,tutorial,presentation)

File Link
Manual Openoffice 2.03 download
OpenOffice 3 – Getting Started download
Pengenalan Database (ilmukomputer.org) download | source
Pengantar Database (ilmukomputer.org) downloadsource
Normalisasi Database (ilmukomputer.org) download | source
Data, Informasi dan Metadata (ilmukomputer.org) downloadsource
OpenOffice.org Base In Pictures read online
Wiki OpenOffice.org Base read online
Getting Started With Base downloadread online
W3Schools – SQL Tutorial read online
HSQL SQL Syntax read online
HSQL Built-In Function read online
W3Schools – HTML Tutorial read online
W3Schools – CSS Tutorial read online
Beginner’s Guide to SQL read online


File Link
LibreOffice download | local server
OpenOffice download | local server
NotePad++ download | local server
XAMPP download | local server

File Latihan

Download: rentalvcd.odb