As I told before, that I joined Ielts class at ITB – Bandung since February 20, 2012. The participants are grouped into 2 classes, A and B, and  I am  in class A. It consists 23 participants, 9 women and the rest are men. The participants are lecture from any colleges from any provinces of Indonesia, but mostly came from East Java.

At glance,   most of my friends look younger. They  are about 25-32 years old, and I think that I am the oldest one, hehe… but who cares…???? They’re so kind, smart, warm, energetic, and also amusing. Few of them always make a joke in class, so all of the participants and  lecturer  will laugh together, made the class situation fresh and not boring.

We have 13 lecturers, 3 of them are native speakers, Kerenssa, Miles and Joseph who teach listening and speaking. Kerensa comes from Australia, Miles comes from UK, but I forgot where Joseph comes from. They teach how to understand English  with  different dialect.

Mr. Bambang who always teaches listening every morning for 2 hours, the only one non native lecture  who teaches listening, hehe…it’s okay… so far so good. He always make a joke in the class, also remind us to practice our subject every time and encourage us to get IELTS  band 7….hmmm I’ll try my best.

Furthermore, I like the way Ms Tien teaching us, she teaches writing, grammar and reading subjects.  She is quite older, but the subject that she explained is very simple and clear. I think most participants feel the same.

I only remember some of the lecturers well. First, the native lecturers since they have different physical performance. Second, Mr. Bambang  teaches our class everyday and always motivate us to be better. The others are good lecturer too, but they comes to our class only once a week. Overall, the lecturers are very good. They have many experiences and professional on their job.

They  inspire me to imitate them in my own class to my students in my lovely college….hopefully…amin….

6 thoughts on “IELTS LECTURE”

  1. ckckckck… good job.. less than a month, you really fluent in English… two thumbs up! Keep spirit, sist.. Hope you can reach the maximum grade and you can “fly” to your dream… Amin..

  2. @mb.Rina, ojo nggumun sek mbak, iku ngono tugas nulis, hehehe…waktunya sehari aku nulis, padahal seharusnya 20 menit, hehehe

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